I'm willing to bet that if you have a USB drive on you, it's likely to be in your purse.  I for one would not want to be seen wearing one unless it is disguised as jewelry. I don't see any need to let everyone know  I'm a bit of a geek! I've featured some awesome USB and other high tech jewelry designs before (see below) but here is one that you can actually make yourself!

DIY USB bracelet free tutorial

The designer of the DIY USB Flash Drive Bracelet is BrittLiv over at Instructables who happens to be a chemical and biological engineering student.  She said, "I've seen quite a few before, but never really liked the designs. My goal was to hide the flash drive entirely in the bracelet." Hear, hear!  You cannot tell from the picture above that she is wearing a USB bracelet, can you?

Her main design inspiration was the stylish yarn and cardboard bracelet tutorial by Fab Your Bliss shown below. Stephanie used cardboard as the base but I wonder if a leather strip might work too as it has the flexibility needed for this project.

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