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I was a couch potato one weekend as I could not put down Suzanne Collins' Hunger Games trilogy. I finally understood why the books and the film have legions of fans.  Those same fans have also increased the popularity of archery. So hey, why not carry over the craze into jewelry?

The variety of arrow and feather jewelry tutorials is delightful. The clever wire wrapped arrow and feather tutorial above is by Linda Jones, a UK based wire artisan. She showcased all sorts of different versions.

free jewelry making tutorial

Not so good with wire work?  Then check out Clémence of Oh The Lovely Thing's twig, polymer clay and feather tutorial. She was inspired to make her own after she spotted a design in oxidized bronze.

These designs might also be appropriate for Valentine's Day, don't you think?

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  1. Great post. Feather jewelry is very popular.

  2. I have corrected the first link! Thanks to Jill for spotting the error!

  3. Very cool ideas! Reading the second book right now and really am enjoying it. Now that Harry Potter has wrapped up, it is fun to get into another 'epic' series that the whole family can enjoy. (At least the little bit older kids can. The concept may be a bit too much for kids younger than 10 or 12 or so.) Thanks for finding these links for us Pearl. Bet the kids would love me to make some arrow jewelry for them and their friends!

  4. You'll be one cool Mum if you did!

  5. Thanks for sharing, Pearl! I'm an archer and have a huge feather collection. That might also be a great gift for fellow archers.

  6. Your fellow archers are going to love the gifts!!


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