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What Men Are Really Saying when They Wear Earrings

This is a guest post from Jake Oates, written on behalf of The Beautiful Company.

Women have tried to figure out just what men are thinking for centuries. While men claim that it is women who are hard to decipher, the truth is actually the opposite. “What does he really think of me?” or “What does it mean when he doesn’t call?” are age old questions. The real kicker came when men began wearing earrings again. While women do not technically disagree with this fashion statement, many do wonder just what it is that a man is trying to say when he sports jewelry in his ears.

So, if you want to know what your man, or the man you want to be your man, is thinking when he sticks in that earring, here is a little tell-tale that men think women do not know:

Diamond Studs
This refers to diamond stud earrings, not a diamond wearing stud. If a man sports a diamond stud, chances are he is trying to impress you into thinking that he’s rich and sexy. Diamonds are normally worn by the rich and famous, right? When a man puts that diamond stud in his ear, he wants you to take notice – take notice of his fancy duds that is.

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Now first, if your man is wearing “hooker hoops” or those that are large enough you can stick your hand through them, you may want to reconsider your relationship. Hoops this large are a stretch even for women. When men wear them there is a good chance he is saying something that you do not want to hear. If he is wearing a smaller hoop, he wants you to think that he’s dangerous. You know, Rebel Without a Cause type dangerous.

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Again, not studs as in hot men, studs as in gold, platinum or silver earrings. Here, he is thinking that maybe you feel his earring is sexy but he is not quite ready to show you his “diamond stud sexy guy” earrings. Regular guys normally wear regular studs.

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Whatever earring your guy is wearing, know that he is likely wearing it for you. Most men choose earrings that they think will impress the ladies. Now, if he’s wearing more jewelry than you or if he takes your earrings to wear, you may have a problem. Otherwise, enjoy his new found sexiness.

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  1. I always wondered about men and their ear rings. A stud is one thing, and I'm all for that. Put it in when you want to sparkle, take it out when you want to look conservatively cerebral. But what about the boys that are wearing "soda bottle screw tops" in their ear lobes? I know people say that the hole will close if it isn't used, but it'll take surgery to close that cavern! A one inch hole in an ear lobe is just asking your girl friend to take up seed bead weaving, or macrame using your lobe as a base. A few peyote stitches later, her mastery of the stitch becomes an obsession and soon she will have you tethered to her belt with jewelry! Literally. A quick pull to that cord and you'll follow her anywhere. And you won't be able to take it out--because she'll say "it's a work in progress! Don't stifle my creativity. Please? I ask so little." Guys wake up! Don't become a walking manikin for your girls' craftiness (meant in more ways than one!) Wear a stud!

    Sorry, but it had to be said.

    Can you tell I have three sons?

  2. LOL! Yes, I can certainly tell that you have sons!

    I don't think us older women do get the new fad for young men to wear earrings. But really, if you go far back enough, men used to wear earrings. The conservative colors and little to no jewelry style men got stuck in for the last two hundred years was entirely due to this man -

  3. Hm, he can wear as many earrings as he long as he bought a pair of diamond studs to give me as a gift. *LOL* And dangerous? I like dangerous guys, so I'm off to watch out for one with a hoop. Great post!

  4. I think that's a fair deal!

    Jake did a fabulous job writing about earrings for men from a male perspective. Something to think about!


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