Many people love making beaded medallions. There are some nifty advantages. Short of time? Some medallions can be used as pendants and earrings.  But a favorite design can be repeated for bracelets and necklace. Medallions also suit those who prefer working in short bursts but still want to get some pleasure in finishing something. If this is you, then you will like this new book by Sabine Lippert which I recently received for review.

jewelry book review

Sabine's Beaded Fantasies book is chock full of beaded medallions and other jewelry which feature repetitive design elements. The author does deliver on the romantic theme with many lovely intricate designs.  Sabine's ability to add layers of detail and color is indeed extraordinary.

jewelry book review
Cubic Dots Bracelet, Granada Brooch and La Fleur Bracelet
Sabine is a German based bead artisan who beads every spare moment she has when she is not working as an urologist. Her ability to come up with such fine designs is attributed to her genes and her upbringing. She said in an interview, "My father was an engineer and I still remember his words: " You can disassemble anything so long as you remember the steps to reassemble it later on. He taught me to be curious. My mother, a very talented painter gave me my creative side."

While there are a number of simpler projects, her master class book is best for intermediate and advanced beaders. The jewelry pieces included necklaces including chokers, bracelets, earrings and brooches but no rings.  That should not be an issue with ring lovers because many of the medallion designs can be converted into rings.

Sabine is a huge RAW (right angle weave) enthusiast so this stitch rules in her book. She also uses peyote.  I enjoyed reading her final chapter where she explains her creative process. She makes intuitive color choices and lets her designs led her onto the next one.

There are two free tutorials. Both designs were among my list of favorites although I am hard pressed to choose which are my favorite medallions.  The Purple Rope necklace appealed to me for its striking boldness. This design will look great with simple shift dresses or strapless gowns.

jewelry book review

I really liked the Les Fleurs  necklace too because it looked like it might have graced a noble lady at a medieval royal court.

jewelry book review

No wonder Sabine is now a Swarovski Elements Ambassador. She clearly loves the crystals and uses them frequently.  Rivolis feature in some of her designs such as this gorgeous Sweet Eighteen earrings.

jewelry book review

The Volcanoes necklace is a lovely vision which somehow reminds me of Roman mosaics.  It  is also well named.  The close up shows why.

The book does seem to be text rich at first glance even though there are also a number of accompanying diagrams. But given the intricacy of many of the designs, it is not surprising to see such thoroughness.  The patience is worth it because designs are truly inspirational.


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