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Multi-Row Wrapped Bead Bracelet Tutorials

I've previously shown the 2 different ways to make the wildly popular wrapped bracelets.  They are really relaxing and fun to do. Alesha who calls herself Beadifulnights on Youtube has two wonderful video tutorials to really make it even more so. That's because she shows how you can make gorgeous triple and 5- row wrapped bead bracelets!

You can guess how she accomplishes this from the above picture of her 5-row design video tutorial. She has indeed used the beaded loom technique. The warp threads are actually cotton cord lengths which are then square knotted a la macrame.The weft thread is Fireline (6-10 lb test) - I agree with Alesha, a fishing tackle store is the cheapest place to get it.  She used 4 mm beads. I would use either 1-2 mm cords depending on personal preference.

She recommends that you watch her triple row bracelet (shown below) video tutorial first as she covers a few basic tips which are excluded in the 5-row one. Both videos are almost 30 minutes long so make sure you have the time to sit through them.  I am really impressed at her dedication to share because videos that long take hours and hours to upload.

She also shares a video on how to make her loom (5 min) using some wood and supplies from the hardware store. She made her own as manufactured looms did not work as well as she wanted. You could adapt a commercial one but  if you are going to make a lot of these bracelets then it might be better to follow her idea.

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  1. Love these ideas and I especially like the colors in the first bracelet (love brown and blue together)!

  2. wonderful patterns and tutorials! many thanks for sharing

  3. For years I've been tempted to purchase a beading loom but baulked at the prices. One can either buy a cheap little Indian beading loom, that are very limited in what they can accommodate or there are the very lovely, albeit expensive looms by Mirrix (prices range into the hundreds of dollars).

    It's nice to know that one can make a very sturdy and useful loom without sacrificing the bank account.

  4. Aleshia from beadifulnightsJune 7, 2012 at 12:17 AM

    Thank you for posting my tutorials hopefully it will inspire others to make their own loom or bracelets.

    Aleshia from beadifulnights
    For more beading tutorials go to

  5. Thank YOU Alesha! I have updated the post with the corrected spelling of your name!

  6. These are very lovely. I really love the colors in the first bracelet, and I love the button closures. Thank you for sharing the wonderful tutorials.

  7. Thank you soooooo much!!!

  8. I'm new to beading and this is a very useful video so thank you very much!


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