Not many of you know this, but when I first started along this never ending jewelry making path, I began with bead work.  One of my favorite things to bead are earrings especially the Native American style ones with fringes. They are not only fun to make but offer huge design and color variations.

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Californian Deci Worland, who reads this blog, also loves this style as she makes many, many Commanche style earrings. I really mean lots as you can see from her Etsy shop Gem Rio. You can easily see her passion not just from the large number of earrings but the fact that she hasn't repeated any of the designs. Shown here are some of my favorites.

beaded earrings

Deci has strong interests in the Fine Arts, starting as a painter in theater and set design.  As she was also into costuming, she started making earrings because they were so portable and the craft helped her pass the time backstage. She certainly enjoys the relaxing part.

beaded earrings

She now lives in the country and switched to painting signs and designing logos. She is also a Renaissance actor, sells her jewelry and occasionally does piece work for the fashion industry.

beaded earrings

I asked Deci why Native American styles?  She explained, "As a small child, I was influenced by my cousin in the Pacific Northwest. He was Native American and a talented artist and carver. He often babysat me and I tended to follow him around. Also, totem poles were all over the place, and their spirit was in me.  I'm from the English side of the family, but many first cousins, aunts and uncles were Native People and I am sure they inspired me."

beaded earrings

Her productivity is impressive.  Perhaps she would give us some tips? Deci says, " My advice - learn the basics of working with jump rings and wire. Work those pliers! Learn some basic bead weaving, peyote and brick stitch. And just go with it." I am also positive that Deci uses up every spare moment she has very well. Makes sense as she says she is one of those people who always has to be making something.

beaded earrings

Deci has kindly offered one free pair of earrings from her store for one lucky winner. Any style, not just the Commanche style ones.  She is also offering a 20% discount exclusive to the readers of this blog. Just use the code GT101. So check out her store!

Not so good with beading but want a gorgeous pair made by Deci?  Then please make a comment below.

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