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Baroque Color Choices for Jewelry Making

Some color combinations are easier than others.  The Baroque color palette though is perhaps a little more challenging. A wonderful example of a typical Baroque color combination came about when Pam created her  earrings and necklace set at a workshop earlier this year.

The distinctive mix of black, gold and purple hues gives a sense of richness and extravagance to the design. Pan did a fabulous job of choosing the right beads and colors  to make her design work.

That stylistic grandeur and drama we now know as baroque began in 1600 and flourished in the 17th and 18th century. The opulent look was encouraged by the Roman Catholic church in response to the Protestant Reformation and was introduced in the arts and in architecture.

Beader Design # : 694

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  1. It would have been very easy for those colors to look like a football teams pom poms or something, but the jewelry turned out great! It would definitely be a difficult color combo and SO easy to do wrong. Pam did a great job!


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