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How to Use Alcohol Inks for Art Bangle Designs

See this gorgeous artistic bangle?  Would you believe it is a makeover project from a plain plastic bangle?  I'll bet wooden bangles will work too if you'd like to tackle the following tutorial.

jewelry making tutorial

You too can make this in less than an hour using alcohol inks, aluminum auto adhesive tape, some acrylic paints and metallic markers.  This tutorial was posted by Japaya over at Craftster. Once the old bangle has been covered with the tape, it becomes a wonderful canvas for all sorts of artistic designs!

Time to dig out your unloved bangles?

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  1. What a beautiful bracelet and great tutorial.

  2. Lovely bangle bracelet.

    For me this is a very timely article as I have been busy browsing websites looking at alcohol paints and was thinking about give it a try.
    I have some, not so pretty-dull, drab gray, chain that I was thinking about applying a patina to and thought maybe the ink would be easier than using the rub on gilding.

  3. Wow, can't believe that started off as plastic! A great tutorial.

  4. What a great bangle...some people have such great ideas!


  5. BTW, alcohol inks work great for shrink plastic too!

  6. But oh .. you would have to have some artistic talent - of which I have none!


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