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Clever Jump Ring and Seed Bead Bracelet Tutorial

Jump rings are useful to make connections and are essential in chain mail designs.  But have you ever thought of using them differently?

Lesley of the Gossiping Goddess blog did. Her jump ring and seed bead bracelet tutorial is very easy to make. Her clever idea of alternating and offsetting the jump rings with the beads creates a great effect.  

Do hop over to her blog and see the other fabulous example where she used the basic technique for a necklace. The way she attached the beaded portion at the clasp ends is pretty cool too!

Lesley also has an Etsy store called THEA Jewellery (she is from the UK) where she sells an eclectic mix of designs including these bracelets.

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  1. Great post! I love the idea of using the jump rings as a design feature. I've designed and made a pair of opal earrings for my latest giveaway. It would be lovely if you wanted to enter. Em ♥

  2. I love this tutorial, what a unique way of using jump rings (and you don't have to open them!). According to her tutorial, she used size 5 seed beeds. I haven't heard of this size. I will try to substitute size 6 beeds (I have plenty of these in my stash).

  3. Wonderful tutorial for an attractive bracelet with a spin of difference to it . . . and yet one that doesn't appear difficult to make. Love those kind. :D
    For your lovely readers that may find locating the size 5 seed beads a challenge, I found that Caravan Bead has a great selection of them (the web URL is below):

    I think the only thing I'd do a tad differently than Lesley is, instead of using open jumprings I'd substitute the soldered, closed one. That way there'd never be any concern about a jumpring opening up and snagging someone's lovely cashmere sweater or silk blouse.

  4. Thanks Anna for sharing your two wonderful tips! Very helpful.

  5. where is the tutorial when I click on the link I get instructions for a leather bracelet

    1. Maryle, please scroll down her tutorial page - it is way at the bottom! Along the way, you will see other great tutorials by this blogger!


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