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Funny Imprint Ring Brands Your Spouse

Some of the most unusual and most viewed rings I have featured before are the rings which imprint loving messages albeit temporarily on fingers. These are the pressure marks left behind when the internally engraved rings are removed.

Well the funny imprint anti-cheating ring from The may not be that loving but they serve to remind spouses that they better not stray! The words "I'm married" is negatively engraved on the inside of the ring which imprints the tell tale words on the fingers.

The inspiration for the ring came from celebrity adulterers such as Tiger Woods but these titanium reminders don't come cheap at $550 each.


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  1. Cute and funny, made me lol. :D

    But maybe a tattoo would be cheaper and more permanent. ;)

  2. You know, I have a funny feeling that this might not effectively deter someone who is intent on cheating...... :)


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