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How to Bling Up Flip Flops for the Summer!

Isn't it bliss when we can abandon heavy shoes, boots and socks for the summer?  Pretty feet so deserve some attention.  I've covered some wonderful ideas before, like beaded foot jewelry and tatted anklets (see links below).  So if you're tired of just making chain anklets, consider Cathy's beaded flip flop tutorial over at Trinkets in Bloom!

It's one great way to really bling up a boring pair of flip flops and make it unique.  I really liked how she used ribbon to wrap around the straps.  They are necessary as the base on which the beads are sewn but they must surely make the flip flops more comfortable.

Cathy used pearls for that touch of elegance but I reckon this is one great project to use up odd beads!

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  1. Love this idea. Beaded flip flops are so expensive. Creative people can make them for a fraction of the price!

  2. Clever idea!! I hate wearing uncomfortable shoes, so the idea of making flip flops look fancy appeals to me....I may be trying this very soon!

  3. Really like this idea. Too often ready-made fancy, flip flops are either: 1) not in my size or 2) either in the wrong color or I don't like the design.
    Never even thought of making my own. Thanks for passing on this wonderful idea of Cathy's. I'm off to see how she does it. :)


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