When jewelry designers talk about crystals, they mean faceted glass not materials with orderly patterned arrangements of atoms in their molecules.  It's easy to see why we are so one track minded about the crystals we love - they are so pretty!  Not to mention affordable too if we compare with the more expensive gemstones like diamonds, rubies and so forth

We can easily make beautiful jewelry using crystals.  If you are a relative beginner and are stuck for ideas, then check out this new book Simply Stylish Crystal Jewelry which I received for review. These 31 projects selected were previously  published on Bead Style magazine. There is a range of necklaces, bracelets and rings. All the designs in the book are highly wearable and will appeal to any crystal lover!

Many of the projects require just wire wrapped loop work and the ability to open and close jump rings. Yet, with this basic technique, the beginner is inspired by lovely results - all brought about by the use of different types of crystals, playing with color and placement.

But there are several projects which also introduce other techniques like simple knotting, twisted wire work and the use of components such as blank clasps and Katiedids (by Katie Hacker) to which budding designers can add crystals of their own choice.

One of the more innovative projects I really liked was the crystal illusion necklace below. It was created using a knotted zig zag approach.

Most of the wire work covered is not difficult. This pretty wire work bracelet below is perhaps the most challenging project in the entire book. But determined beginners can try it. I would suggest practicing with cheaper wire like copper first.

Click here to have a further peek into the book.


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