Some people love long, slinky earrings. These not only provide movement, they slim necks down quite nicely.  So have some fun with these no hassle tassel earrings. Depending on which materials you choose, you are sure to make a dent in your yarn, embroidery thread or unfinished chain supplies!

First up is Ash and Kimmy's DIY tassel earrings (shown above) over at the Green Eyed Monster blog with a couple of fun variations. They secure the tassel together with thread bindings.

If measuring and cutting lengths of yarn is a bore, then check out Billie Monster's tassel earrings tutorial over at How Joyful which uses decorative fringe material. Billie-Jo is a fellow Canadian with an Etsy store.

 Even easier is if you use  actual tassels as did Erica of  P.S. I Made This for her tutorial.

But if you are more of a metal fan, then by all means, use chain! Ornamentea's Day and Night Tassel earrings tutorial for a set has chains galore including rhinestone ones.

More challenging is this wire wrapped tassel earrings tutorial by Sonja Kiser. It features the ever popular herringbone weave which needs a bit of practice to get evenly.

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