Makrofol is a high tech plastic film used to make instrument panels, smart cards, packaging and signage. It is used extensively in the automotive, appliance, telecommunications and electronics industries.

Well, add jewelry and bags to its already long list of uses. German-born jewelry artist Svenja John Schmuck takes this transparent material and adds vibrant color to her style of jewelry making. She has specialized in this material since 1994.


Each piece of her wearable art designs are hand colored with acrylic paint and hand cut resulting in beautiful "semi-opaque clusters and structures that remind one of scientific models, of crystalline and organic structures.". Not only are they intricate in design but they have a futuristic look about them!

Breath Brooch
Apullo Earrings

Biloba Pendant

Wandlabe Necklace

Buena Bag
 Check out the video about the artisan and how she makes her high end jewelry. 


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