I wrote about one ombre jewelry tutorial before.  Since then, the ombre look is a hot trend for fashion and jewelry making.  Ombre is French for shaded which explains the graduated colors you see in various designs.  It's certainly more interesting than using solid colors!  Here are some inspirations.

Bib style necklaces look great when you can add shades of the same color to the piece. Allie over at Miss Lovie Creations came up with a stunning green ombre necklace tutorial using multi-tiers of chain.

If you prefer a daintier look, just use smaller beads like the topaz Swarovski crustal ombre cascade necklace from Michaels' project pages.

Here is another ombre necklace tutorial also from Michaels which is graduated in reverse.  There are many more ways to use the ombre style for necklaces.  Check out this past post to see a pink crystal ombre necklace from Michaels (note the tutorial is no longer available from their site).

If you are a beginner, you can easily tackle an ombre pair of dangle earrings.  This simple one by Rachel of Lines Across shows you how.   She did a fabulous job with the photograph so much so that this one made the cut to Craftgawker.

Bev over at Flamingo Toes had a different approach to the ombre style. She made this stacked ombre cord bracelet set.

I thought ClĂ©mence of Oh The Lovely Things had a lot of fun with her dyed ombre tassel necklace tutorial.  

Another tutorial that requires playing with dyes is the DIY ombre lace jewelry one by Megan of Glamor and Grace.  She also explains how to stiffen the lace.

Andreas Choice made a great makeover jewelry video tutorial having also noticed the hot ombre trend.  She did a great job of revamping old jewelry with nail polish!  She actually demonstrated several makeover pieces.  This necklace was once a purple one!

These are just a few ideas to get you into the ombre mood!  Have fun!

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