The most common paracord bracelet tutorials out there use paracord Type III. It's also called paracord 550 because the minimum breaking strength is 550 lbs.  It's the average size out of the 6 types of paracord and works well for manly bracelets.  But these are really too chunky for women and younger folks.

An easy solution is to make bracelets using Paracord Type I as it is a lot less bulky. Paracord I cord or  "dummy cord" is typically used to secure lighter items such as compasses, GPS units, radios as so on.

Just check out the video tutorial by It's Tactical for the how-to.  It is based on the ever popular survival paracord bracelet design using the Solomon Bar stitch (also called Cobra Stitch or Portuguese Sinnet).  Be sure to also check out the accompanying tutorial post for tips

Kelly is the first female paracord instructor I have come across! This style of woven bracelets are apparently getting more popular with women. Remember, non-metallic bracelet could appeal to those who are metal allergic or women who just don't like bling. One commentator on Youtube said he made it for his girlfriend and another said," If I ever came across a girl wearing a paracord bracelet, I'd know that she's the one!"

The weaving is not very clear in the beginning but does improve later. If you are still having trouble seeing it, check out the Solomon Bar video tutorial by TIAT.

She just uses a double overhand knot for the button style closure which is easier than the lanyard knot shown in the picture above.

Another idea for a more feminine closure is to use a button and finish off the bracelet like the second style of leather wrapped bracelet I wrote about before.

 I also think trying the tutorial with other cords such as macrame cord, waxed cotton cord, leather or suede and satin cords will be worth the effort. These are softer and will have more drape than paracord. But bear in mind, the silkiness of some of them might not help during construction.

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