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How to Make Pretty Yarn Crochet Necklaces

It's a nice change not to use metal all the time.  Especially if you have a wickedly large stash of yarn to use up. So be inspired with these pretty yarn crochet necklace tutorials!

One pretty tutorial (shown above) is by Carol Meldrum over at The Making Spot.  The lacy trim will look great with simple tops and dresses.

Suzanne used multi-colored trellis yarn in her easy tutorial to crochet up a most lightweight necklace. She is right that the colored portions of the yarn do resemble beads.

Carrie over at This Mama Makes Stuff also uses just simple crochet chains but literally with a twist as you can see from her Bohemian Twist necklace tutorial.

This all - yarn crochet necklace tutorial by Lindsay is versatile as you can make it with or without the flower and in any color you wish.

A little more challenging for beginners is Bernat, the yarn company's floral necklace and bracelet tutorial. Your are definitely not limited to this particular floral pattern.

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  1. Suzanne's necklace really caught my eye - love the colors. Got to try it and maybe incorporate some beads somehow...

  2. I never made it past the long chain in learning to crochet. But several of these brilliant ideas are super inspiring, and I may just have to get my great-grandma's needles out and try again sometime!!! I especially love the Trellis necklace and am now reading the tutorial.


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