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Swarovski Crystals Sparkle in Skyfall's Severine's Spectacular Dress

I don't usually care much for the testosterone laden James Bond movie franchise.  But I will be making an exception for the upcoming movie, Skyfall, for several reasons.  Daniel Craig arguably the best Bond yet, Judi Dench, Adele's rendition of the theme song and one superb costume design in particular.

The black satin and tulle evening dress worn by actress Berenice Marlohe, who plays the part of Severine, just sparkles aplenty with some 60,000 Swarovski Elements, every single one of them individually applied.

The designer, Jany Temime, did a fabulous job with what must surely be the ultimate femme fatale dress.  Outstanding features include the illusion of a nipped in waist, a va-va-voom bodice reminiscent of Jessica Rabbit (Who Framed Roger Rabbit) and an intricately designed back. It's astonishing to see such a design on a real life woman and not an over-the-top cartoon character.

Flat back crystals typically used by the garment industry can also be used for jewelry designs.  So check out the following tutorial links!  I have also added the fascinator collection because flat back crystals can easily be applied to those designs.

Here is Adele's Skyfall (with lyrics) enjoy!

And the Skyfall trailer.

Update : I did see the movie and it was marvelous!

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  1. The gown looks divine. I've read all of Ian Fleming's James Bond books and have seen several of the movies. Though Skyfall looks very intriguing (and I'm a fan of Judi Dench - loved the BBC series "As Time Goes By") I will wait for the video. I tend to stay away from the movie theaters due to the volume of the sound track, especially in scenes with a lot of dynamic action, the music becomes incredibly loud and the decibel levels of the explosions, gunfire etc become ear shattering.

    I have also noticed a trend on TV shows where the background music is now no longer in the background and actually drowns out the dialog ... in a documentary this becomes most annoying. :D

    But back on course and on subject, the gown is fabulous and 60,000 Swarovski crystal must make it a real head turner when Berenice Marlohe is wearing it.

  2. Yes, I agree the gown looks practically molded onto her!

  3. I am a huge fan of testosterone-laden films, and though the Mission Impossible films are my all-time favorites in this genre, I have really enjoyed the last several Bond films. I look forward to watching Skyfall and seeing more of that amazing dress. I love every bit of it, and Pearl, you're so right that it's about time we've seen a real-live woman wearing such a perfect femme fatale dress. It reminds me of Jessica Rabbit's red dress, and it's absolutely stunning. I love the value movie makers place on intricate, detailed artistry. And I love that they're allowing Bond to age and deal with all the things we must deal with as we age! Wonderful post!! I watched all the videos and truly enjoyed myself this morning.

  4. Well, I must clarify that I do like some other testosterone laden movies especially the geeky ones!

    Yes, I too love it when movie makers do pay attention to detail and make realistic films. But there are some movies that play footloose and fancy free with historical details which I detest.


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