I was delighted when Utah based Heidi Sears became my Google + follower. That's because I was then able to explore her Etsy store, Refreshing Designs.  What an apt name because her wire work is certainly refreshing!

Mid Summer's Eve Bouquet Flower Bib necklace
Heidi calls it the new look of wire wrapping.  She said, " I get tons of compliments from total strangers when I wear my jewelry and so will you!"  It's easy to see why she does. She uses thick anodized aluminum wire wire to make really bold and at times colorful wire work jewelry.

Tricolored Tear Drop Earrings
Heidi's designs are also well photographed. Most of her earring designs use earring cards to prop up the pieces.  Her shop name is thus prominently displayed.  I am not a fan of watermarks going across pictures as they detract greatly from designs.  So Heidi's solution is clever!

Snowflake Earrings

Some Wire over Rainbow Necklace
It is heartening to see an aluminum wire artisan do so well. It's not always about the precious metals is it? 

Bleeding Heart Elven Bracelet
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