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Winner of Gaddabout Rock's $25 Gift Certificate Giveaway

It is certainly amazing how lapidarists can transform what is just rock into something beautiful. The way they cut the pieces and then polish it up requires skill and knowledge of the different kinds of gemstones. They are able to really showcase Mother Nature's creations.

So the beaders, metal smiths and wire workers among you were drooling over the fabulous gemstones featured in last week's giveaway and in Gaddabout Rock's store.  The colors, patterns and cuts were simply stunning and irresistible. 

Only one lucky reader will win the gift certificate, though. I numbered all the eligible entries and used the random number generator over at The winning number was assigned to Voltzia  !  Congratulations!
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  1. Oh, so many thanks to Pearl and Mattie and Phil from Gaddabout Rock ! I've wanted to wirewrap a cabochon for so long, this will finally give me the occasion to try it !

  2. Congratulation Voltzia. A truly lucky winner indeed. Loved the beautiful stones of Gaddabout Rock. I'm certain Volzia will have quite a job just deciding upon what fantastic stone/stones to purchase with that wonderful gift certificate. :)

    Yeah, I know I might sound happy, but a part of me is saying; "Drat, wish it could have been me". :D


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