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Mod Podge Jewelry Tutorials to Inspire

Mod Podge, the well known decoupage medium, is an all-in-one glue, sealer and finish for all sorts of craft projects. It's also useful in some jewelry designs as these tutorials suggest.

The above beautiful bird bracelet by Kristin  over at the Retro Cafe Art Gallery shows how well designs can look using good old Mod Podge.  The decoupage work is done on masonite ovals.

Note there are different types of Mod Podge. The dimensional type used by Amy at Mod Podge Rocks for the ring (shown below) tutorial is rather like using resin or something like Diamond Glaze. It's a great use for micro-beads.  I like how she adds other bead accents to make the designs pop.

These wood based earrings by Debbie Saenz shows the dimensional look clearly - note there are tiny rhinestones in the middle!

Also using Mod Podge Dimensional Magic is Tamara over at Etcetorize.  She used it to create DIY paper jewelry!  This is such a great idea - you could try different paper punches! It'll work for light earrings but it might need some weight for pendants so you could decoupage onto washers or round discs.

Or decoupage onto card stock like this pretty musically inspired necklace by Creative Passage. Via

If you want a firmer base and use the regular Mod Podge then attach paper to a glass pendant just like the tutorial by Simple Crafter.  As she says you can use scrapbook paper, origami paper, old book pages or even photos.  I'm thinking about old maps too!

Another option is to use regular Mod Podge mixed with fine glitter as shown by Alicia over at the Discount Creative blog for a quick design.  It's so sparkly which is why she called it a druzy design. (A druse or druzy is a sparkly crystal coating on some rocks).  You can use a ring blank rather than the metal hoop and disc combination she did.

Cupcakecult over at Craftster used mod podge to funky images onto polymer clay pendants.

You can also use Mod Podge just as a sealer to protect images and add other dimensional glazes on top. See Irene Helms pendant tutorial.

Go have fun like Amy of Mod Podge Rocks and create some funky art bangles with the technique and the Mod Podge!

Heather of Dollar Store Crafts has a really interesting combination going with her washi tape and mod podge statement necklace tutorial. She used Dimensional Magic.


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  1. These are all beautiful.
    Happy New Year to you and your family.

  2. Aren't they? A crafter's delight! Happy New Year to you and everyone too!

  3. Love these ideas, all are fresh and novel. Perhaps in 2013 I'll be able to get some projects off the back burners and attempt experimenting with new techniques. (I don't suggest that anybody hold their breath waiting for me to do this. LOL)

    May you have an exceptionally happy New Year and may 2013 be a lucky number for you blessing you and yours with good health, much happiness and ample prosperity. :)

  4. You and me both, Anna! Lots of ideas I hope to land this coming year. I wish you all the best too!

  5. I've used Mod Podge - but never for jewelry - good ideas here!

  6. Thanks so much for featuring my paper jewellery. I'm always surprised at how popular that post is. Have a great 2013!


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