Ale Bremer is an accomplished metalsmith and graphic designer now located in Brooklyn.  But her collection called Mexican Finds celebrates her Mexican roots. The materials which form the basis of her designs were all found in Mexico.  Even the oxidized silver frames are based on old colonial pottery designs.

Loteria Earrings
It is fascinating to see how Ale saw the promise in the salvaged objects she picked up.  Bits from an old board game called Loteria did not escape her keen eye. Loteria is a Mexican game is similar to Bingo but uses images instead of numbers.

Other finds included leather scraps from a cobbler in Cuidad Juarez.

Ostrich Leather Pendant
There is also no mistaking that the salvaged soda pop can came from Mexico!

Her pieces do reflect her creative philosophy. She says, "I expect my pieces to be a medium of reflection of the world we live in, the world we have created for ourselves, and the world we have become accustomed to."

Found Embroidery Pendant
Ale sells her creations at boutiques and markets in the New York City area.


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