Modern minimalist jewelry can be stunning in its simplicity.  The bold handmade acrylic jewelry of Helena Riberio of Portugal  (link no longer works) definitely has strong lines and few embellishments.

Her background as an architect does explain her distinctive style.  She was born with a strong creative drive. Crafts, cooking and drawing were her mainstays growing up.

She started designing acrylic jewelry after her son was born and as an escape from the "bureaucracies"of her day job.  Beginning with acrylic sheets about 0.5 x 1.1 m in size, Helena designs "the image, saw, sand and polish all the pieces by hand." The acrylic is heated to mold it into shape.
American Flag ring

Working with acrylic is messy business so she makes her jewelry mostly in her garage!

A bracelet can take anywhere from 2- 6 hours so making one is a labor of love! You can see pictures of the process on Helena's blog post.

Swarovski crystal ring
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