Melissa Cable is a jewelry making instructor who realized early on what her students preferred in terms of learning metal smith techniques.  Many were adamant they did not want any projects involving sawing or soldering.  They also did not like the use of specialized tools due to limited resources and  the lack proper facilities like a dedicated workshop.  Soldering, for example, requires good ventilation.

So her latest book, Metal Jewelry in Bloom: Learn Metalworking Techniques by Creating Lilies, Daffodils, Dahlias, and More shows how drop dead gorgeous flowers can be achieved using the typical tools many of us have.  Both her tremendous creative talent and her clear instructions shine throughout this book.

True to her word about no sawing and using simple tools, beginners will appreciate her basic templates for cutting out flowers from round metal blanks using just metal snips. You could saw from metal sheets or use a disc cutter but her method certainly saves time and aggravation!

See those dark bars?  Those are where you cut out the stamens which act as prongs.
The book showcases all sorts of stamen styles which become wonderful design elements. The stamen curls in her daisy flower below make it a stunning piece.  Melissa also covers the different ways to add color to metal. Some of her most spectacular designs were colored using a small butane torch.  If you are not up for heat treatments, you can use her other suggestions like alcohol or metal inks - even nail polish.  Melissa did not mention Gilder's Paste but I would also include it as a cold color application technique.

How she uses some of the common tools we have is delightful. The humble hole puncher becomes a petal edger!

Chain nose pliers come in handy for rolling metal as you can see from her lily project!

Her design projects in the advanced section such as the carnation below do require cutting out from thin metal sheets.

I also enjoyed Melissa's fun tips on how to make metal strip bails and loved her leaf wire wrapped clasp!  I'll have to reread the book again in case I miss any nuggets!

This book certainly had me flitting from flower to flower like a bee! It now moves to my favorite book category!  (see side bar on my blog)

An awesome book for those venturing into metal smith techniques who love flowers!  Who doesn't?


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