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Easy Beaded Butterfly Ring and Bracelet Tutorial

Anyone who has been following this blog for a while will know I have a soft spot for butterflies. So I was delighted when I discovered Honeybeads' wonderful beaded butterfly ring and bracelet tutorial over on Youtube.  Easy and fun!

The butterfly is formed via a clever use of seed beads in descending sizes. As you can see, you can make several quickly in different colors.  They will make great gifts for friends and family.

I also appreciated her extra bit at the end where she explains how to convert the ring design into a bracelet.

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  1. Very cute rings.

  2. Thought so too! Great for big and small girls!

  3. The rings are adorable but I will have to bookmark this and come back to watch the 14 minute video when I have more time to concentrate on it. Not to mention replay it several times.


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