I know I have featured how to make double wrapped loops before.  However, this lovely pearl dangle earrings not only offers a video tutorial look at how to do these loops but has some useful tips especially for newbies.  The tutorial is by Gail Nettles (aka Beaded Jewelry Diva)who has an Etsy store, TasminAnn Studio Bead Art.

Gail carefully shows how to make the double loops as well as how to connect the dangles to the main part of the earrings.  Note how she uses her second pair of pliers to grasp the wire for the wrapping portion. If you are new to wire work and unhappy if your wrapping seems loose, then this tip is for you! You can tug at the wrapping wire quite firmly with the tool so the wrap is tight too.

Gail's earring design is very pretty. She called them dimensional dangle earrings because she made the wire dangles curved given them a pleasing look.  If you leave the wire straight, the dangles will also stick out straight and look a little weird.  She also used dangles of different lengths - also in the power of 3!

 Another tutorial which used curved lines is Emily's chandelier earrings over on Delightfully DIY.

It is small details like this which contributes to an attractive design.

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