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Whimsical Crochet Wire Jewelry by Other Worlds

Saffron Johns, a British artisan now living in Bulgaria has such a vivid imagination so much so she is able to create a whole world filled with whimsical crochet wire animals and characters. That's why her shop on Etsy is called Other Worlds.

Star Gazing Hedgehog Pendant Necklace

 She said, "I always expected as a child that everything had much more to it than first met the eye, I would imagine that things came to life or held hidden secrets." Her love of "coming up with stories and magical creatures" still continues to delight and inspire her

Flamingo Earrings
Wire is her preferred medium although she also includes other materials such as gemstones in order to complete a design. Saffron has used wire for years but did not actually learn to crochet until a few years ago.  She doesn't use any fancy crochet stitches, just the basic one to create a wire fabric using 0.5 mm wire (about 24G). 

Mouse on a Cheese Moon Pendant
Saffron's pieces just give us a very tiny glimpse to this amazing world of her imagination.
Parrot Earrings

Her playful sense of humor shines in the Angel and Devil shoulder brooches and many of her other designs.
Angel and Devil Shoulder Brooches
Cat Fishing Bracelet and Ring combination
Who couldn't be charmed too with her sweet hedgehog with a valentine brooch?

She also creates sculptures, pictures and other objects which can be seen on her website. Catch up with her latest work on her delightful blog.

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  1. Such fabulous creations...It's wonderful to see that there are really no limits to what can be done with wire and imagination!

    Thank you for bringing this artist to my attention!

  2. Thanks so much for taking the time to create this post Pearl! I really appreciate it and it looks great : )

    Thank you, Saffron

  3. You are so welcome, Saffron. We are all in awe of your amazing work.

  4. Wow! Amazing work. I love the little mouse on the moon and the hedge hog. Thanks for sharing.

  5. These are just delightful pieces. Saffron's obviously very talented and has a keen sense of whimsy. I love them all!

  6. So did I! I had a lot of trouble trying to pick just a few of Saffron's designs to feature!


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