If you've ever worked with shrink plastic, you'll know that it does resemble glass in a way.  But it is way lighter and won't easily break unlike glass.  Many people add just a little paint to the clear variety so the final result looks like glass tiles.  And that is exactly what Michelle of Rust and Sunshine did!

Her tutorial shows the use of ordinary #6 plastic food containers instead of the commercial variety.  She also has a couple of useful links which shows where she based her tutorial from and how to seal the completed designs. It's a good idea to do so to prevent scratches in the design.  Depending on the sealant you choose, you could also give the design a raised look rather like resin doming.

Rena's tutorial is for a bright pair of faux stained glass earrings.  A fun project indeed!

So how would you go about making shrink plastic look like glass?

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