I am always delighted when I come across tutorials which lets us use up odd beads.  That way we do come close to keeping our promise (sort of) to use up all the beads we buy!

This wonderful embellished macrame necklace tutorial was created by Maria over at the Craft and Fun blog. It is in Italian so please copy the URL and put in Google Translate to get a translated page. Or just use the Chrome browser which tells you what language it is asks if you want to have it translated!

Maria links to her macrame necklace tutorial in her post. Once formed, the beads are added using the knotting technique. I'd say this is an excellent way to get good at knotting using just a needle to ease the knots in place!

It is a pretty design with the double row of knotted gemstone and Swarvoski crystal beads on either side. Check out the tutorial below if you want to investigate other forms of knotting tools.

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