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I always like the zero calorie version of sweets!  They make great design elements and are still sweet to look at.

My most favorite candy of all are M and M's so I just had to feature Mako's super easy polymer clay video tutorial. She writes the Makoccino blog. If hand painting the m's is too tricky, try using a letter metal stamp instead as in this tutorial.  There are more than a few M and M fans!

I also thought the faux LifeSaver candy pendant tutorial by wombatmorrison over on Instructables pretty nifty.  Molds are created from the impression of real Lifesaver candy.  Makit & Bakit styrene plastic crystals (used for making suncatchers) are placed in the molds and melted in an oven.

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  1. Can you make jewellery out off real sweets will they go sticky

    1. Just as is? Nope. They will be sticky or even melt if it is something like chocolate. But you can encase or cast real sweets in resin.


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