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I've seen and covered many bird's nest jewelry designs and the different ways to make the nest is almost as varied as the jewelry makers who attempt it!

I just had to feature Linda of the Wire Worker's Guild's nest ring tutorial because she has a neat way of making the nest.  She actually starts from a wire coil and the egg area is created with some hammering!

As she said, it need not be for a ring as you could easily use it for a pendant.  Now you'll have to wander through the links below to see the different ways it can be done.

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  1. Very nice tutorial but I know if I tried to hold the nest of wire between my fingers and hit the center of the nest with the ball end of a ball and peen hammer - well you get the picture . . . Matter of fact hanging pictures is where I've hammered my thumb a great many times. :D

  2. Ouch! Try using something else, another tool to hold the work together before using the hammer!


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