One of the many terrible legacies of war are landmines because they continue to maim and kill long after the conflict has ended. The impoverished people in those countries most afflicted have no choice but to venture into mined areas to plant food crops.
Bricks of Hope (Freedom from Fear)

Cambodia in South East Asia has one of the highest casualty rates in the world, the result of 30 years of war.  A third of the victims are children.  An estimated  4- 6 million mines still remain to be cleared. Progress is slow with 87% of land yet to be cleared. The average per capita income is only $2 a day so the people there desperately need help.

Bricks of Hope Earrings
A Singapore based social business called Saught has partnered with demining organizations to repurpose the scrap metal from the deactivated ordinances.  The scrap metal is the raw material used in an unusual line of jewelry made by artisans in workshops in Cambodia.

Pursuing Peace Bangle (Freedom from Poverty)
The sale of the jewelry fund business workshops in Cambodia so the people learn a valuable skill to improve their lot in life.  It also goes towards subsidizing the demining efforts.

There are 3 collections  - Freedom from War, Freedom from Poverty and Freedom from Fear.  The designers/artisans share their inspiring stories behind each piece and hopes for the future.  The Bricks of Hope necklace and earrings set, for example, symbolizes shattered buildings and the bright orange color, rebuilding and a bright future ahead.

Petals on a Bloom Bracelet (Freedom from War)
Indeed, every piece is a "statement of hope, freedom and peace".

Laurels of Us (Freedom from War)
Worldwide Land Mine Fatalities and Casualties

 Dark Red - Very high number of casualties
Light Red - High number of casualties
Yellow - Moderate number of casualties

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