Lots of beaders like doing beaded spiral rope jewelry (see below for tutorial links) but there is another way to get that look.  Crochet rope beading or tubular bead crochet is a great alternative and a highly portable project.  Once mastered, it is yet another relaxing technique to enjoy when you don't wish to do anything too challenging.

The best and most comprehensive video tutorial to learn this method is the one by Ann Benson. There are some lovely examples at the beginning of the video - my favorite is shown above.  Note that this technique needs practice and tension is very important.

The video includes exactly what you require - size of beads, thread and hook - as well as a great many tips.  I particularly like her tip on how to keep the threaded beads, work and hook neat and tidy.  You could pop the lot in a zip lock bag and put it in your handbag!

This great instructor also has excellent animated step by step instructions.  Hit the pause/stop button and rewind if you need to see a step again.  One of the most crucial steps is where to position the bead after inserting the hook through its loop. It must be over to the right of the hook as shown above (for right handers).

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