There have been some novel high tech jewelry in recent years - mainly wearable USB drives and blue tooth jewelry like the Novero line.  Pretty but didn't really make it with the mainstream crowd. Is the tide turning for wearable tech now that Google Glass is out?  Do people really want to wear their devices like jewelry? Or put it another way, do we want our jewelry to be tech smart?

Embrace+ is a smart bracelet which saves you from having to refer to your smartphone all the time or annoying those around you with beeps and rings. Your smartphone remains in your purse or pocket and out of sight.

Your smartphone though remains in contact with the tech bracelet via an Android or iPhone app. The bracelet lights up with a predetermined color code notifying you of an incoming call or messages, whereby you could then retreat to a better place to whip out your cellphone.

The silicone bracelet was launched as a Kickstarter project with an accompanying video.

The crowdsourcing site recently helped the inventors raise raise more than 3x the sum they needed to take their device to market.  Evidence the high tech bracelet does fulfill a need.

You can put in an advance order for the Embrace+ on their website.

Would you wear one of these?  Please share your comments!


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