I've spotted some bracelets using magnetic clasps.  While these make putting them on or off easier, they are not at all secure.  All it takes is for the bracelet to catch on something, and it's gone!  Similar problem with bar and toggle clasps if you're not careful.  A pity if the bracelet were particularly valuable or sentimental.

The solution is simple.  Add a simple chain connecting both ends of the bracelet. The safety chain idea will work for most bracelets.

The multi-strand bracelet tutorial here features a strass leather length and chains.  I received the strass leather cord from Endless Leather.   There are other alternatives but I used ribbon crimps for the ends. Just slowly clamp down with flat nose pliers to ensure the "teeth" really bite into the leather.

Assemble appropriate lengths of chain with a couple findings for multi-strand necklaces and attach using jump rings.

Here are closeups of the connections.  The safety chain also makes the bracelet an adjustable one.

The bracelet will still remain on the wearer's hand should the catch fail!


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