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All Frog Closure Necklace Tutorial

I felt rather smug with myself when I bought some traditional Oriental frog closure buttons thinking I would make some fun clasps for mixed media necklaces.  They have languished in my supply boxes ever since!

However, Melanie over at the Artzy Creation blog  had a much better idea - make an entire necklace out of frog fasteners! What fun! They are cleverly sewn together at strategic spots.

Melanie had the good fortune to come across a whole bag of them going for a song in a shop bin. You can also make your own frog fasteners. The frogs used above consist of the Chinese clover leaf knot paired with a ball or button knot. 

Clover leaf knot tutorial

Crochet enthusiasts can also quickly hook up lots with Robyn's Crochet by Faye's tutorial.  It's quite simple as you only need to know how to chain.

Katy over at No Big Dill has a fast frog closure tutorial using ric rac to form flowers.  Great photos and post which also highlight frog closures Oriental influence.

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  1. Very neat necklace! I too have some frog closure gathering dust in the stash. Maybe time to start thinking about something to do with them?

    Ages ago I found a place online selling some really cool and (at least to me) unusual frog closures, but have so far not bought any. Lots of potential, but, yeah, it's something for the future.

  2. Hah! Great minds think alike! Yes, I see the potential too, once I find the time to include it in some designs.

  3. What a great idea to use the frogs exclusively, Pearl... I am partial to all-fiber jewellery!

  4. The frog closure necklace is lovely, very floral looking - sort of like a daisy chain necklace but more elaborate.

    Neat idea to use them as necklace clasp, especially if made in a metallic (like gold or silver) cording.


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