I wrote about the unusual I DO sound engraved wedding rings some time ago where the designer used sound wave patterns taken from actual sound recordings of a couple saying their vows and laser cut into the rings.  Now you can make your own sound wave necklace!

The tutorial for a waveform necklace and bracelet tutorial is by German designer David Bizer.  It's only for those comfortable working with different editing software (free) - audio editor, image editor and vector editor.   The final digital design has to be sent to a 3D printing and laser cutting service like Ponoko or Shapeways.  There is a choice of different materials.

Interested but would rather him do the work? Make a recording of your voice and send him the audio sample which he will convert into several discs representing the sound wave pattern. The instructions and prices are on his website. The discs are simply strung without any closure so the final designs are all up to you. 

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