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Great Resin Jewelry Tutorial for Beginners

Making resin jewelry is fun as you can add all kinds of things in the resin.  Writing a good tutorial on how to do it is another matter.  One of the best and clearest instructions with wonderful step by step pictures I have ever come across is Misty Spinney's tutorial over at Brit+Co.

It's a must see because there are also a number of tips.  When you make 2 part epoxy resin up, it's best to be prepared to make several things all at once! 

The tutorial covers how to dust proof during curing and how to release the pieces from the mold.

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  1. Clever way to use some of those found treasures and odd bits and trinkets that one can find no purpose for. . . I must have a drawer full of those. :)

    Like the suggestion of covering the resin forms with some type of box to keep the dust out.


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