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Wire Work Rosette Jewelry Tutorial

I've made rosette rings before. It is what I would call an inevitable design. It starts with wrapping a length of wire around a mandrel and twisting the ends together. It seems logical to keep spiraling the wire ends to form a rosette. I also used finer wires and twisted together. But I never did think to go beyond rings with these rosettes!

Cabbages and Roses Bracelet

Linda Jones over at the Wire Workers Guild did and came up with this lovely and colorful rosette bracelet. She starts with a wire rosette ring and only twists the wire ends together after she gets the spiral going.

What she does after forming the ring is to cut the ring band!  Clever because she then uses the wire ends there to make wrapped loops!

The basic tutorial is worth mastering because you can incorporate the rosette into different designs. Linda has many inspirational examples in her post.

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  1. Another great tutorial Pearl. Thanks so much for sharing it with us. I can't wait to give this one a try, it is so cute.

  2. I love wire rosettes and use them everywhere..they make great rings, earrings, necklace connectors. Just a pity that you cant work harden them for the fear of it just coming off at the twists

  3. I bought one of those wire wrap things shaped like a bangle. I was so excited, I've mastered making the bangle as long as it's on the form. The problem comes when I take it off the mold and try to add beads. The videos on Utube make it look easy. By the time I try to add something it is all bent out of shape. It was suggested to me to use 22 or 24 wire. Any help would be appreciated.

    1. Are you using soft wire? That could be one reason why the shape doesn't hold. I would use 20G or even 18G in half hard temper. A thicker wire will also help hold the shape better. Hope this helps Kat!


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