Wendy Mahr specializes in gemstone and precious metal jewelry designs. But her special edible jewelry collection will make chocoholics everywhere rejoice! 

Yes, the chocolate is really edible. So is the gold leaf which gives the yummy balls a luxury touch.  The chocolate smells great and will not melt.  According to Wendy, it passed the heat test in sweltering Miami!

What's NOT edible are the gold chains and wire.  So when the wearer eats the chocolate up, Wendy offers a recycle/reuse deal whereby the remaining parts are returned and replacement gemstones are added where the chocolate once was!

Her chocolate jewelry is also beautifully packaged just as you would expect chocolate to be!

Fun fact :  Pure or near pure gold is safe to because it is biologically inert. It will pass right through the digestive system as is because the body doesn't absorb it.

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