I don't know about you but I sometimes haunt the aisles in my local Michaels craft store.  I came across some silicone mold making ingredients.  That would be so cool to use to make your own cabochons from buttons, other cabochons and so on!

Well lucky us!  One blogger has kindly shared how she made her own resin clay cabochons from diy silicone molds. Michele who writes The Scrap Shoppe blog actually used supplies from the Martha Stewart line.  But the general principles will hold whatever you use.

Michele says she did not use any olive oil on the mod before pressing in the resin clay and letting it cure there. She added in her reply, "I didn't have any problems getting getting the clay out after it had completely dried."   That's because of silicone's non-stick property - the food safe versions are now used as bakeware.  But some people still use olive oil to make it easier.

As the resin once set has no adhesive properties left, she glued the rhinestone centers and the cabochons themselves to the filigree backings.

Another great application of diy resin clay flower cabochons is the collar necklace by Stacie who writes the Stars for Streetlights blog.She too embellished the flower cabochons after the resin clay dried.

I wonder if the resin clay cabochons can be safely removed from molds while they were not fully cured?  Only one way to find out  - experiment!

The technique is not exclusive to resin clay.  Those working with polymer and precious metal clay also use molds.

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