I can't say I am fond of birds but I am prepared to make an exception for Alicia Merritt's amazing  polymer clay parrot jewelry.  This Iowan artist makes sculptural art designs for over 80 species of parrots as well as other animals on her website Parrotphenalia : Parrot Art and Jewelry.

Blue and Gold Macaw, African Grey and Budgerigar Pins

She loves all animals and particularly birds.  Her life long interest began while she was growing up in the Philippines.  She had many pets.  Besides cats and dogs, she had pet goats, pigs, native lizards and chickens.  Her parents drew the line with monkeys!

The first in a long line of parrots, a cockatiel, was acquired when she was just 11. She now owns a pair of Soloman Island Eclectus parrots named Killian and Kaleena.  They enrich and bring much joy to her life as well as inspirations for her delightful creations.  She also has 3 dogs.

She started to work with polymer clay back in the 1990 when she had some health issues.  Since then, her parrot jewelry and other art work have become popular and have been featured in specialty magazines.  She is kept very busy as her custom work is in high demand.

Do also explore her latest designs on her Facebook page as these are just a fraction of her body of work.  Alicia also has a couple of Etsy stores - Alicia's Creations and Art Adornments.

Hat tip to Angie Martin on Facebook.

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