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Turkish Spiral Bead Crochet Rope Tutorial

If you like making bead crochet ropes, you have to try the Turkish spiral bead crochet tutorial!  This wonderful tutorial is by Sylvie Perle on her blog.  It is in French so please copy the URL and use Google Translate  or use Google Chrome browser to get a translation.

 The diagrams will need close examination before trying out her tutorial.  This one is not for beginners.

She has an excellent tip which should be applicable to other bead crochet bracelets - incorporate a beading wire  in the middle of the bracelet for clasp attachments later on.  This ensures no stress is placed on the beaded portion.

Hat tip to Angie Martin on Facebook.

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  1. I think that the buried wire is a good idea for supporting heavier beads when attaching the findings at the end. This technique is easier to understand for beginners if different colours for the 2 separate accent and seed bead groups are used- at least to get a good idea of the process involved. This technique is also very effective done with 28 ga wire, small holed pearls and wire.

  2. Thanks for sharing your awesome tips, Roxann. I agree 2 different colors are helpful.

  3. Always something new and fascinating on your blog! I enjoy reading,sharing and learning from your articles even when they're not my style :)

  4. Thanks Zoraida! You never know what new directions you might venture to!


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