I consider bead embroidery something akin to painting with beads.  On person who does so and does it well is Russian beader, Elena Emelina on Facebook. She is clearly an artist as you can see from her creations shown here.

She has an incredible eye for design and a talent for beading AND embroidery.  The detail of her butterfly is exquisite.

Her use of sequins and bugle beads is inspiring!

If you look closely, she also uses cording to great effect.  I also love the way she includes rondelles and larger pearls for a gorgeous 3D look.

This looks to be a lovely evening purse. 

Her fabric backgrounds are also skillfully arranged.

 She has a wonderful way with gold and silver.

This is her incredible profile picture!  I hope Elena uploads more so we can all drool!

Elena also has an online store . Hat tip to Eva Maria Kaiser on Facebook. 

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