Some years ago I wrote a wire wrapped ring tutorial using a Swarovski montee calling it a fake prong ring! That is because the crystal looks rather like a set gemstone.  You can apply the same approach but with a real gemstone easily prong set using a Snap Set finding.

The snap set gemstone solitaire wire wrapped ring video tutorial is by Rachel Murgatroyd of Wire Guild.  She also added some silver ball beads which made the ring lovelier.

She uses 20G wire but doesn't mention the temper. I would use soft to make things easier.  You can work harden the final ring by gently hammering the shank with a nylon hammer while the ring is on the mandrel.  As the mandrel is tapered, do the hammering part in two parts to make sure the ring coils are even on both sides. After the first hammering, remove the ring and reverse it back in for the second hammering.

UPDATE : the video tutorial is no longer available.  Check this past tutorial post on basic snap set use,

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