One of the reasons I just love doing giveaways such as last week's Goody Beads one is the chance to come up with showcase designs.  Each supplier or manufacturer is different.  Reader Shaiha put it quite succinctly, "I just love Goody Beads. They have findings that I can't seem to find anywhere else."

There was considerable interest in the unusual expandable bracelet I used.  It's not something you see everywhere.  One reader couldn't find it on their site and neither could I.  But Tory over at Goody Beads emailed me to say it is  style #z009516 on the Goody Beads site - a 6 inch expandable silver finish wire bracelet with catch.

The awareness charms also struck a chord with some readers.  I am not surprised.  1 in 3 of us will develop cancer sometime in our lifetimes.  So it is important to support the researchers who work to improve survival.

But the giveaway is not restricted for awareness charms.  One lucky winner will soon be able to spend $50 worth of beads or findings soon!

One reader who had won before asked if she could enter again.  The answer is yes.  There have been a few cases of repeat winners.  Some readers are regular giveaway entrants which ups their odds.  The chances of winning are quite good especially when the number of entrants is small.

I do not pick winners.  A random number generator over on does. I numbered all the eligible entries. The winning number picked belongs to Jen over at  Lady Spirit Jewelry! Congratulations!

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