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How to Make Cord Wire Ends for Thick Leather

European leather bracelets are a hot trend.  The contemporary look coupled with unique clasps and cord ends add to their appeal as you can see from the designs I made here. But what if you couldn't get or didn't want to buy those large cord ends?  Make them yourself!

I've made my own coiled wire cord ends before (see links below) but had not considered using much thicker wire to compliment the thick leather cords.  One person who did is Keirsten Giles who writes the Cerebral Dilettante blog. Check out her tutorial!  Her gorgeous leather cord necklace above shows her wire cord ends in use!  For more examples, check out her Flickr stream.

I should add that such thick metal is harder to manipulate.  But the good news is copper is one of the softer metals to use.

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  1. I love how the leather cord and coils add to the focal bead than taking the attention away from it

  2. The thick coils do look great with the leather - compliments it perfectly. I have tired the commercially made coil ends but found it annoying frustrating trying to tighten each coil and get the coils to look even and symmetrical. It was encouraging to read Keirsten's 2nd post about how to attach the handmade coils to the leather or textile cords. She admits that this procedure is fiddly and a process of repetition - makes me feel so much better to learn that it isn't just me that felt that way. :)


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