Kinetic jewelry is so much fun.  It's not just the interactive function. I suspect fidgety wearers will also appreciate twiddling the designs to while away nervous energy. So I am always on the lookout for more moving jewelry designs. The more innovative, the better.

The spinning Canadian coin pendant above is by Adrienne Hatkin of AutoPilotEmpires .  She started making coin jewelry after years of toiling under corporate management rules which decreed things like "Earrings must be no larger than a quarter."

I was living in Halifax, Nova Scotia when the city scored a direct hit with Hurricane Juan back in 2003.  So the spiral rain bands which make up the characteristic hurricane weather symbol is familiar to me.  The Spinning Hurricane necklace by yabettasupadont  might just make portray some inner turmoil for the wearer?

This cool steampunk tie bar by Wendy van Fleet of Steampunk Perceptions LLC features not just vintage watch parts but a spinning propeller!

virginiemillefiori (don't you think she is just perfectly named for a jewelry designer?) of has a fun take on kinetic jewelry.  Her pin wheel designs such as her ring below feature metallic versions which move when you blow on them.

The spinning gyroscope pendant design is also another fun one for the young at heart. The design is by Betty of foxtailboutique.

Pauline of DrakeDesignsJewelry sells the riveted Compass Pendant complete with a spinning needle as a college graduation gift.  It's such a clever message to the recipient - the world is now theirs to explore.

The Spin Off pendant (no longer available) by Emily Rothschild  is based a very popular version dating back to the 1920s.  The spinning action displays a moving character much like flipbooks do.

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