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Beautiful Christmas Cocktail Ring Beading Tutorial

I've featured a number of beaded cocktail rings before - you know, those large designs which beaders do not need any alcohol to make or wear!  But this tutorial by Swiss beader Natalie or La Perla Benatta on Youtube is unusual for a number of reasons.  

Her Christmas ring is high sided and is formed with just smaller seed beads.  What Natalie does is to create a basket like structure which is then stuffed.  She then closes up the bottom of the ring with more bead weaving.  She also does not bead the ring shank but instead glues her beaded ring onto it.

The ring is stunning and deserves its name - the sort of design to show off at Christmas time.  Imagine just a simple black dress...and this ring!

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  1. Wow, what an artist!! Beautiful ring. Thanks Pearl for another beauty!

  2. I'm not a beader but beautiful items like these are so inspiring that make me want to give it a try... one day.

  3. Dear Pearl
    I am honored , Thank you !!
    Greetings from Switzerland

  4. Thank you Natalie for sharing such an awesome design!


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