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Cool Resin Earrings Tutorial Uses Tube Wringer for Corrugated Metal Strips

Starving artists like ourselves cannot afford the kind of tool to get a corrugated effect on thin metal strips and sheets. It will set you back a few hundred dollars!  The texture is cool though as you can see from this past tutorial.  The good news is you can get that same result with a tube wringer!

This simple tool is, as its name implies, used to squeeze out every last bit of industrial paste, gels, glues, paint etc. It's only around $20 for the metal version.

Check out the cool resin earrings video tutorial by Resin Obsession where she not only demonstrates how she uses a tube wringer to make corrugated metal forms but also a tubing cutter to cut little cylinders.  

Note : you can buy pre-cut metal strips so those adverse to the jewelry saw need not worry!

Not into corrugation? If you have a pasta machine for polymer clay work, try using texture plates with it on thin metal sheets. A die cutting machine like the Sizzix can also be used with texture plates.

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  1. Thank you so much Pearl for this article. I have looked at those expensive machines and knew it was out of my reach. I hope to try some new techniques and now I can!
    This is super New Year starter for sure.

    Happy Holidays to a true Pearl!

  2. Happy Holidays to you too Doris! And happy jewelry making for the next year!


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